We feel deeply attached both to the sea and the community in which we live and work. That is why we have chosen to support a project initiated by the city of Bremerhaven to preserve a traditional ship named MS Seelotse.

The vessel was built in 1955 at the Schweers shipyard in Bardenfleth on the river Weser.

It served as a pilot boat on the Weser from January 1956 to 1998. Operated by the maritime pilots’ association, the MS Seelotse helped countless seafarers return home safely.

Thanks to the untiring dedication of a marine heritage society (Förderverein Maritimer Denkmalschutz), the MS Seelotse has been preserved after its many years of active service. Today, the traditional ship is a very popular attraction in Bremerhaven, for locals and visitors alike.

In 2010 finally, the vessel was acquired by TEAM SHIP. We now attend to vessel maintenance and repair in cooperation with the former "Seelotse" Working Group. We are proud to support our heritage with this living tribute to maritime history.

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